Sittingbourne Leisure Centre,
Client: Reynolds Health & Fitness
Architect: Claridge Architect


Site is located, on an area which had been subjected either to some cutting/leveling or to previous excavation. Geological maps showed that chalk is present at shallow depth and it was possible that this is the location of an old chalk pit. Consideration was given to the possibility that the excavations were backfilled with fill material. 



The three storey structure is a steel frame with a combination of precast and timber floors throughout, supported on shallow depth reinforced concrete foundations. Stability was provided by steel cross bracing positioned with full height cladding panels. The exterior of the building is clad in traditional cavity masonry walls.

From the Soils Investigation the bearing strata at foundation formation level was considered as made ground, and not capable of withstanding the building loads.


Ground Improvement technique [ Vibro compaction ] was adopted to improve the bearing capacity and settlement characteristics of the made ground and weak natural soils thus permitting the adoption of suitable shallow depth reinforced concrete foundation bases and strip footings. 




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