50 Sloane Street

The redevelopment of a basement and ground floor flat beneath a nine-storey 1930's apartment building to create a new retail unit in this top end shopping street in west London.

  • Location

    West London

  • Architect

    Pace Jefford Moore

  • Client

    Cadogan Estates

  • Sector

    Residential Development, Commercial

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  • Status


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Complex temporary works and structural designs in prominent Sloane Street building

This scheme was developed for Cadogan Estates and allowed the conversion of two dated flats at ground floor and basement levels of this historic nine-storey 1930’s building, to create a top end retail unit.


Internally this involved lowering the ground floor to become flush with the pavement, providing level access to the retail unit. Existing internal walls were removed to create open-plan spaces and the basement layout reconfigured. Externally the front facade was altered to mirror the existing retail unit to the northern facade and the lightwell at street level was covered over and replaced with discreet pavement light slabs, allowing daylight to reach basement level.

PJCE supplied designs for both the temporary works and for the permanent structure. Hydraulic jacks were used to transfer loads from the twelve original columns into the temporary structure, successfully limiting movements in the building above to negligible levels. A new steel frame was installed to create the revised structure and jacks were used again to transfer the load into the new permanent columns.