Rupert Street,
Client: Hallmark Estates
Architect: Contemporary Design Ltd


The proposed development included the introduction of two additional mezzanine levels above existing building in the heart of Soho, Central London. To check the feasibility of the proposals the existing structure had to be assessed and some of the critically loaded elements tested. To limit the dead load lightweight timber structure was considered to form the additional floors.


Pringuer-James Consulting Engineers proposed steel grillage at fourth level forming a transfer plate picking up the loading from the timber walls above and transmitting them to the perimeter brickwork wall. We also designed and detailed the timber elements above the grillage. The challenging part of the procedure was the step of the structure where transfer elements were required within the timber construction. 


After testing the brickwork in the existing brick piers some remedial works were proposed and additional load bearing elements added within the structure from Ground to Fourth floor levels to allow for the extra loading from the new floors. Steel “ring” beams were used to distribute the loads as evenly as possible above the perimeter walls.


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