VI Castle Lane

A boutique development of 28 high-end apartments and 3 townhouses in the renowned Birdcage Walk Conservation Area of Westminster.

  • Location

    Castle Lane, Westminster

  • Architect


  • Client

    Sons & Co

  • Sector

    Residential Development

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Boutique residential development just minutes from Buckingham Palace

The 6-storey superstructure has a concrete frame with a central stability core to all but the top floor, which uses a lightweight steel frame to provide a large open-plan penthouse. The tiered floors provide a maximum floor to ceiling height, in keeping with high quality product and large cantilevered corners create a dynamic form and statement building within the streetscape.


The basement is formed with a secant piled wall and where the adjacent buildings are tight to the site boundary, diagonal corner props were introduced to limit movement to an acceptable level.