Amhurst Park

Amhurst is a beautiful old church situated on a sloping site in Stamford Hill. It has historically supported a variety of religious and community services and is now destined to be converted into a modern new school. 

  • Location

    London N16

  • Architect

    Osel Architects

  • Client

    BTP Group

  • Sector

    Education & Community

  • Expertise


  • Status

    On site

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Regeneration of striking old church in Hackney, North London

PJCE were tasked with the design of a new steel frame situated on a new ground floor raft within the existing masonry building.  The client’s desire for a completely column free internal space at ground floor spanning some 20 metres in the shortest dimension presented a significant challenge.  This key consideration led PJCE to design a steel truss built within the existing roof, supporting the floors below via tension columns and carrying the loads to the edge columns.



PJCE was able to further advise the contractor on the construction sequence to achieve the column free space within the confines of the existing building.  With a side extension to maximise internal space, this revitalised community hub is sure to reclaim its place at the heart of the local neighbourhood and continue to contribute to the historical fabric of the city for decades to come.