St Georges Boarding School,
Pangbourne College, Berkshire
Client: Pangbourne College
Architect: Mitchell Taylor Workshop 


The site for of the new building required the removal of a number of small trees. A significant retained beech tree is located to the rear of the proposed building. In this area foundation depths were deepened in accordance with NHBC Chapter 4.2 [Building adjacent to existing trees] Addition consideration was given for root protection of the tree in accordance with the abororiculturalist report.


The structure is designed as a load bearing masonry structure from ground floor to roof. First floor is a prestressed floor, incorporating steel beams, to provide for open plan ground floor class rooms. The roof construction was steel beams with infill timber floor joist. There is a two storey steel frame building, adjacent to the main entrance, which provided for a Recital Hall.


The building was supported a continuous mass concrete strip footings. The steel frame building is supported on reinforced concrete strip and pad foundations. 


Structural framing is incorporated within the external walls to provide for large span architectural featured openings. 




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