Mortimer Road,
Kensal Green, London
Client: Crossier Properties
Architect: Claridge Architects


The site is in the residential area of Kensal Green, Northwest, London.


The development required the demolition of a single storey health clinic to form a new two storey residential property. Borehole investigations were carried-out, which provided information on the Weather London Clay. CFA Piling was provided to support the building loads.


The sub-structure of the building is formed by a reinforced concrete ground beam supported on the concrete piles. Provisions were incorporated around the ground beam for potential ground heave. The ground floor was formed with a prestressed beam and block slab.


The superstructure is load bearing block walls supporting precast floors.The lateral stability of the structure is provided by the diaphragm action of the precast concrete floors transferring lateral loads to the stability load bearing walls of the building. The horizontal loads are then transferred from the shear walls to the reinforced concrete piled ground beams.


The superstructure and substructure are designed to the requirement of a Class 2B Building according to the Approved Document A of the Building Regulations with regards to disproportionate collapse.







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