Dover-Stafford Street,
Piccadilly, London
Client: John Rocha
Architect: Three Moons Design Limited


The property is in an exclusive part of Mayfair in the heart of London. The existing building was a Victorian public house comprising a basement, basement vaults, ground floor and three super structure residential floors. The client, John Rocha, was converting the usage of the building to commercial and residential. The scheme was to remodel the existing building, to provide for open plan retail space at basement, ground and first floors, with residential at second and third floors.


The existing building is a load bearing brickwork structure with internal steelwork frames to first floor level. The floor plates were traditional timber floor joists and floor boards. The property has vaults beneath the pavement on both Dover and Stafford Streets, which were being developed into retail storage. Existing load bearing walls were removed and replaced with steel moment frames to provide for the permanent lateral stability. 



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