65-69 Holmes Road
Client: Hallmark
Architect: Contemporary Design Solutions

The project involved the design of two separate blocks above ground level, the first seven storey and the second 4 storey high, comprised of shipping containers, linked with a single storey structure and with a double storey basement below the entire footprint of the site. Large engineering challenges needed to be overcome in order due to the proximity of tall neighbouring buildings on four sides of the development with busy roads on the rest of the sides.


The substructure was designed with steel sheet piled retaining walls around the entire perimeter, propped by the floor levels below ground level. The structure up to ground floor level comprised of a steel frame with composite slabs, bearing on a thick r.c. raft. Above ground, r.c. cores were designed to provide stability to both blocks. Long spanning transfer beams were designed at ground floor to provide open plan spaces for warehouse space in the lower levels.


The project is earmarked for completion early 2019

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