Kensington Church Street,
Client: Leighton and Henley
Architect: Leighton and Henley Architects Division


Demolition and new build to provide for basement parking and plant, Ground Floor Retail and 12 Apartments between Mezzanine level through to 4th Floor.


The project provided for full site development between existing buildings to each side and Kensington Church Street and West Mall to the front and rear respectively.


The basement was formed using contiguous perimeter piles with concrete facing walls.    


The superstructure of the building is a reinforced concrete frame through to 4th floor, continuing with a lightweight steel frame and timber floor joists to roof level. The steel framing provided extended clear floor areas for flexibility to the apartment layout.


Structural floor depths were restricted to accommodate façade planning levels and minimum floor to ceiling levels. Structural full height transfer walls were adopted to create the flexible floor layouts between floors.



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