80 Back Church Lane
Aldgate, London
Client: Cruxden Development
Architect: Studio B&W


This combined educational and residential development comprised of a college at ground floor and basement level and 60 residential units in the five storeys above.


The primary structure consists of a reinforced concrete frame supported off piled foundations. The basement box was constructed using contiguous piled walls around the perimeter with reinforced concrete lining walls. The floors were designed as flat slabs using Finite Element Analysis software in order to maximize the floor to ceiling heights.


The existing site conditions proved challenging due to the discovery of existing, heavily reinforced concrete foundations around the perimeter of the site which clashed with in parts with the contig. pile zone. This warranted the design of RC corbels and buttresses to accommodate eccentric column loads which cantilevered over the existing structure at the site boundary. This solution saved both time and costs while maintaining the same internal floor space.


PJCE were also involved in the design of the temporary works for the basement excavation.

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