Lower Clapton Road,
Client: IPD Ltd
Architect: Claridge Architects

The project included the conversion of an existing pub into residential flats.  A new basement was proposed under the front part of the building and a raised ground floor to allow more light to the lower ground flats. In addition to this, due to the high ceilings in the rear the design team managed to introduce a new mezzanine floor and additional space for the client.

To form the basement complex temporary works were proposed to hold the existing cast iron columns in place, while the foundations under have been cast at the required depth. Pringuer-James Consulting Engineers proposed a sequence of works allowing the client to achieve the required structure at nominal cost.

To construct the new mezzanine level in the rear of the property new load bearing blockwork walls were built internally with new timber joists spanning between them to form the floor plate. 

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