Arthur Road,
Wimbledon, London
Client: Withheld
Architect: Pure Design Ltd.


Two phase refurbishment of a residential property in Wimbledon.


Phase one involved the construction of a basement and a new ground floor structure. The brief from the client was that he wanted as much clear space as possible in the basement. Taking this into account, PJCE used only 3 internal columns to help support the entire ground floor structure. To form the new basement, the external perimeter of the house was underpinned and a new ground bearing reinforced concrete basement slab was cast. The new ground floor structure was a reinforced concrete slab supported on metal decking. The metal decking acted as the temporary prop to the reinforced concrete slab.


Phase two involved the construction of a basement level swimming pool with a large skylight and green roof above and additional two storey extension to the rear of the property. The basement structure consists of reinforced concrete lining walls and ground bearing slab foundations. Ground floor structure consists of a reinforced concrete slab supported by the structural lining walls and additional steel framing. The superstructure above ground level is a lightweight steel and timber construction.

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