Mayfield Road,
Client: Witheld
Architect: Pure Design Ltd.


This project involved the construction of two separate two storey residential units. One storey was built below ground level and the second at ground level.  PJCE was responsible for the design of the substructure which was the basement lining wall, basement slab and ground floor slab.


Due to site constraints, the favored construction method for the project was similar to top down construction. However, instead of spanning large beams in the ground floor, internal temporary piles were installed to act as internal supports.

In the permanent case to replace the internal temporary piles, in house one, steel columns were installed while in house two, masonry walls were built to support the ground floor steel beams.


The retaining wall forming the basement level was formed using a contiguous bored piling system.  This method of piling was used to minimise noise and vibration in the residential area.  

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