Belmont Street,
Client: Hallmark Estates Ltd.
Architect: Hallmark Estates Ltd.


This site is based in Camden London. The existing building, formerly the Old Chappell Piano Factory, was built in 1860 and consisted of five stories with timber floors supported on internal cast iron columns and external load bearing masonry walls. 


The project involved the construction of a 5 storey side extension, the addition of two extra floors to the main building and the installation of a new basement. The building consisted of both residential and commercial occupancy usage. 


The five storey extension consisted of a number of steel frames. The lateral stability of the extension was given by moment resisting column to beam connections. The foundation for the side extension involved steel columns supported on large capping beams which were supported on a number of piles.  


The second element of the project involved the addition of two extra floors to the superstructure of the main building. The superstructure of the main building consisted of load bearing masonry walls.  The extra two floors were a series of steel frames with a green roof. In order to achieve overall stability of the building with the extra floors, the central shear core was extended and moment resisting column to beam connections were introduced to both ends of the steel frames. 


The third element of the project was the construction of a new basement. This involved underpinning the external masonry walls and supporting internal steel columns from large temporary beams.

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