Western Avenue Sites 9 & 10
Client: Hallmark Property Group
Architect: Contemporary Design Solutions

This project consists of two co-living apartment buildings providing a total of 225 bedrooms. The development is arranged over two sites; Site 9 and Site 10.   Site 10 is currently under construction and consists of two 7-storey blocks with a single level basement extending beyond the footprint of the building above. 


The superstructure comprises prefabricated steel modular pods stacked on top of one another and supported at the base by the reinforced concrete substructure.  The pods are constructed as shipping container modules with internal finishes installed in the factory prior to being transported to site. 


The stacks of modules are book-ended by two multi-storey steel frames which are inclined outwards like a ship’s prow with vertical bracing provided for lateral stability. 


This fast-moving project has seen the design carried out in parallel with the construction works commencing on site.  The ground floor slab contains cranked steel beams to achieve a stepped profile and has been designed to accommodate the weight of a mobile crane during construction.  The basement retaining walls are cantilevered from the raft in order to create a continuous skylight at the rear of the building. 

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